How a leadership team operates can make or break an organization. Our executive team alignment services help teams
do the hard work so they can row in the same direction toward a shared set of goals.

Our Core Offerings

merge_type Strategic

Strategic alignment is the cornerstone of great performance and great leadership. Without it, organizations begin to show the wear and tear from conflicting strategies and priorities, and ultimately, performance can suffer. Our Strategic Alignment retreats help leadership teams to assess their alignment and to get on the same page on vision, goals, and priorities. We not only facilitate these important discussions but work with the team to discover the patterns and behaviors that will help to maintain alignment in the future.

settings_input_antenna Communication &
Style Alignment

Effective leadership teams take the time to understand how the communication, personality and leadership styles of its members affect the team as a whole. Paravis works with leadership teams to build a deep awareness of the team’s profile and fosters a proactive approach to managing varying styles.

border_outer Trust &
Team Dynamics

A solid foundation of trust between leadership team members is needed to hold difficult conversations and ensure individual and collective accountability. Paravis coaches and facilitators support the team in strengthening the behaviors which enable trust and ensure positive team dynamics.


Is your team aligned?

  • Is each member able to articulate the vision and strategy in a consistent way?
  • Does each member agree on the top priorities and their order of importance?
  • Does the team engage in open and constructive dialogue on difficult issues?
  • Does the team have norms and standards for managing conflict and accountability?

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