Organizations turn to Paravis for strategically relevant, pragmatic and interactive group learning programs.
Whether a one-time event or a comprehensive leadership development program, we work to meet our client’s needs.

Our Core Offerings

record_voice_over Signature Voice®
for Leaders

Having executive presence is critical for any leader yet many don’t know how to attain it. We’ve trained thousands of high potential leaders with our flagship Signature Voice® training program which helps leaders to elevate their leadership presence as they move through the leadership pipeline. Our proven approach for building an authentic and connected presence was published by Harvard Business Review Press in our book, Own the Room: Discover Your Signature Voice to Master Your Leadership Presence

In addition to our hallmark Signature Voice® for Leaders program, we also offer Signature Voice for Women and can customize the program for various levels and affinity groups.


airplay Signature

Great ideas get lost when they are not delivered in a confident and compelling manner. Signature Presentations helps leaders to heighten their ability to develop, structure, and deliver compelling messages through presentations. Leaders leave our training with a stronger ability to engage and influence executive level stakeholders. They also learn to maintain composure and confidence in the face of tough questions or challenging push back.

group Signature

Developing a strong team requires the ability of leaders to coach each team member to bring their personal best to the table. Our Signature Coaching program helps leaders to understand their role as a coach and helps leaders to have an improved understanding of what coaching is and when it’s applicable. Through our program, participants learn critical coaching skills and have an opportunity to practice these skills using engaging and interactive exercises.

cloud_queue Strategic Leadership
and Thinking

Strategic leadership and thinking shouldn’t be reserved for the board room. Organizations need individuals, at all levels, who can see the big picture and think beyond one’s own functional area or role. Program participants learn critical strategic thinking skills and strengthen the advanced communication set required of strategic leaders, such as advancing strategic conversations, framing issues, challenging others and aligning disparate views. Leaders also walk away with a heightened understanding of how to stay focused on the important, despite the day to day pull of urgent demands.

extension Custom

Organizations have unique needs and may require a leadership program that is custom designed to meet these targeted needs. Whether custom designing a single program, or the multiple components of an entire Leadership Development Program, Paravis Partners can ensure that you have the targeted and integrated content needed to prepare leaders to meet the unique challenges of their specific organization.


Why "Signature"?

Whether you are working to enhance your presence, make your presentations more impactful, or coach an employee to success, it must be done in a way that is as individual as your signature – unique and authentic to who you are.

What Program Participants Say

  • It was one of the most engaging and useful sessions I’ve attended
  • It’s absolutely worth the time investment. It broadened my view and I’m using what I learned in my day-to-day work
  • Made it clear to me exactly what I need to work on in terms of presentations and presence
  • Really hit hard on concrete structures and techniques that can be used in improving my communication effectiveness at all levels and with different audiences
  • The facilitators were engaging and had excellent command on the subject; they were able to make it meaningful at the senior levels