Even the best of the best have room to elevate their game.  Whether a C-level executive seeking an objective sounding board,
or a high potential leader being groomed for the next level, Paravis brings a solid track record of supporting individual leaders.

Our Core Offerings

people Executive Coaching
& Development

Successful professionals know that new behaviors are required to effectively navigate through the leadership pipeline.  Whether the goal is to create better engagement, be more strategic, or to evolve other key leadership competencies and behaviors, Paravis works with clients to increase their effectiveness in leading themselves, leading others, or leading the enterprise.  One to one, we build trusting partnerships built on a foundation of clear goals and outcomes, accountability, transparency and respect.  We have helped thousands of leaders raise their self-awareness and realize their vision for successful leadership.  How can we help you?

record_voice_over Executive Presence
& Signature Voice

Our sweet spot for over a decade, we help leaders discover, unleash, and sustain their Signature Voice. Leaders work in a 1:1 relationship with their Paravis coach to expand their impact and relationship effectiveness with key internal and external stakeholders, such as the board, executive peers, direct report teams, and clients. Our proven framework for building an authentic and connected presence was published by Harvard Business Review Press in our book, Own the Room: Discover Your Signature Voice to Master Your Leadership Presence

timeline Leadership

The first 6 months in a new role are a critical time for a newly hired or promoted leader and their organization. We work closely with external hires and internally promoted executives to scale their leadership to match the increased responsibilities of the role. By accelerating the acculturation process and making a great first impression, we help to ensure successful executive transitions.

directions_run Executive

The intense demands on executives require that they, and their organizations, take self-renewal seriously. Leaders must be able to expand their overall executive endurance and capacity. From calendar management to building greater team leverage to ruthless prioritization to self-care routines, we help leaders to manage themselves so they can sustain their best performance.

apps Cohort Based

Peer learning is powerful. In addition to working with individual leaders, we can custom architect and design executive coaching programs for a small group of leaders. Whether providing executive coaching to groups within an existing Leadership Development Program or helping to match coaches for a group of leaders in an intact team, we can help leaders grow through the power of a shared experience.


How long are coaching engagements?

We deliver in a variety of formats including 6-month to 1-year retainer based programs. Ask us how we can tailor our executive coaching programs to meet your needs

What Our Coaching Clients Say

  • “My Paravis coach described herself as a thought partner. She not only took the time to understand me, but did so in a way that helped me better understand myself. The attention to detail, the dedication to listening, the keen observation skills and the solid frame of reference all combined for success.”
  • “I truly felt that my Paravis coach cared about my development, success and provided a safe forum to share and learn. I achieved my objectives of becoming a more patient person, a better listener, and a more effective leader.”
  • “My Paravis coach provided clear, concise, and direct coaching that empowers an individual to develop a realistic action plan that leads to desired results.”
  • “My Paravis coach brings great analytical skills combined with an intuitive understanding of the process to provide focus and clarity.”
  • “The executive coaching exceeded my expectations and I grew as a leader in ways that I never expected.”