The situation

We were brought on board to work with the head of a financial services company. The business had experienced significant growth and was expecting to continue this trajectory for the foreseeable future. The leader was excellent at managing clients and was an expert in his field but now he needed to lead a larger organization and position it for the future. His goals included being a more strategic leader for the business and bringing a more inspirational style of leadership to his organization.

Our approach

We began our work with “John” by conducting a qualitative 360 diagnostic. His in-depth 360 report enabled John to gain an accurate picture of his current strengths and areas of opportunity. We helped John to clarify his goals and to develop a detailed action plan. Based on a clear vision of success and measurable benchmarks, John worked with us to get out of the weeds and bring a more strategic approach to his leadership. He met with his Paravis coach bi-weekly for six months. During this time, he learned to reframe his thinking about the value he brought to the organization and the most effective use of his time. He learned to sharpen his vision for the organization and to articulate the vision in clear and compelling ways. John also learned to delegate more effectively and coach his key managers.

The impact


The organization now had a sustainable and clear strategy and vision for how it would manage growth. Strong models for individual growth and development were also mirrored for all to observe.


John’s team reported having greater clarity on the organization’s direction as well as an appreciation for how their increased responsibilities would help them to growth in their respective careers.


John’s time was now more appropriately balanced on strategic work and he was more effectively delegating day to day activities to his managers. John also felt more confident about his ability to inspire and develop his team.

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