The situation

A mid-sized organization had recently announced its ambitious three-year strategic plan. The CEO recognized the critical need for strong, exceptional leadership from the top to execute on the plan effectively. She was particularly concerned about turf battles as well as lack of clear alignment among team members. She wanted to understand what the key leadership behaviors were that she should expect from each executive that would lead to a high performing leadership team. And she wanted to support each executive in their own leadership development and collectively as a team.

Our approach

Paravis worked with the CEO and her team through interviews and facilitated discussions to define the leadership expectations. Once defined, Paravis conducted a leadership diagnostic for each executive. The diagnostic provided a customized, thorough and in-depth qualitative report on each executive’s strengths and development areas based on multiple stakeholder interviews. Paravis also provided an aggregate report that reflected the overall executive team’s potential areas of development.

The impact


Based on the assessments, each team member was able to pull together a focused action plan on their respective leadership development goals which were aligned with meeting organizational objectives.


The executive team was able to more effectively gain alignment on how they operate as a team and hold each other accountable to the leadership drivers that were going to help them achieve the strategic plan.


A year after the assessments, the executive team reported the ability to work more effectively together as a team and individually in each of their respective roles.

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